Account Diagnostics™

Managing customer relationships in today’s business environment poses a number of challenges:

  • Building Relationships – outside of the day-to-day contacts within the accounts.
  • Accessing Decision-Makers – elevating contact in your accounts to senior-level management.
  • Being reactive – versus proactively retaining and growing the business with your customers.
  • Commoditization – dealing with competitors who claim to provide similar service at a lesser price and cloud the customer’s decision-making process.

Utilize Account Diagnostics™ to increase your effectiveness in:

  • Assessing the value currently being delivered to any individual customer.
  • Developing a game plan for renewing (and growing) the relationship.
  • Taking a methodical approach to understanding the customer’s business.
  • Developing supporters in your accounts who want to help you succeed.
  • Dealing with unfriendly contacts who detract from your efforts.
  • Understanding how customers make decisions and accessing the appropriate decision-making levels.