“Increase Your Team’s Sales Effectiveness”
Want the most effective and profitable sales team? Periodic performance reviews are your keys to success. But, those reviews need to consider a wide range of issues that could be affecting performance.

“The Missing Link” (as seen in SAMA’s Velocity Magazine)
What impacts the performance of strategic account managers? Once we set aside the external factors outside of our control, it almost always comes down to two things: skill and will.

“Do Your Sales Managers Know How to Coach?”
Many companies are not satisfied with the ability of their sales managers to effectively coach their salespeople to success. Here are five things you can start doing right away to become a more effective coach.

“Benchmarking: Effective Performance Diagnoses”
One of North America’s largest financial institutions recognized an issue that needed to be addressed: Few accurate benchmarks or leading indicators of success to manage their business effectively. Understand the process they went through to better define these leading indicators and create greater predictability in their business.

“Positioning Value in the IT Solutions Industry”
There was a time not too long ago when the term “IT Solutions” was synonymous with “value.” Today, IT Solution Providers are boxed in by many of the most complex buying processes that exist. Discover how to position value in what can be a commoditized industry.

“Selling Financial Services in a Broker-Centric Environment”
How many times have you heard this: “we’re only as good as our brokers,” or “the broker is presenting our proposal tomorrow, without us”. Learn how to build stronger, trusting relationships with your brokers that lead to a more productive “team selling” environment.

“Selling Financial Services to National Accounts”
When financial service companies go after the big opportunities they bring out the heavy artillery–highly paid, highly trained national account executives who are supposed to dazzle the customer with their professionalism and make the competition irrelevant. If you don’t feel this way about your national account selling efforts, information in this white paper can show you how to differentiate yourself in the way you sell as much as the products/services you are selling.

“Selling More By Phone”
Why are so many sales professionals and sales organizations turning to the phone to drive more sales? This white paper will examine the pertinent benefits of utilizing the phone more frequently in your sales process as well as provide important insight in to how to use the phone effectively.