Classroom Workshops


Diamond Performance Solutions will work with you to tailor your development initiative to ensure 100% applicability to your sales environment. The first step in tailoring is determining the Diamond Sales Methodology to be used as the core framework. Once the core sales methodology has been determined, Diamond Performance Solutions will work with you to modify the training content to fit your marketplace.

Typical areas of tailoring include:

  • Tailoring of skills assessments to be utilized in the assessment phase of development.
  • Creation of examples to be used during training to model key behavior.
  • Modification of selling and account management tools provided as part of the training and utilized in the field.
  • Customization of course content to match the skill requirements of the participants.

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A critical step in effectively rolling out a training initiative is to assess the current state of the audience for the training. Diamond Performance Solutions will work with you to assess your sales or account management organization on three levels:


First, working with your management team, we will define the competencies and key skill areas to be measured. As part of defining the skills and competencies, we will also rate their importance in relation to the job responsibilities of the participants.


Utilizing the proprietary Diamond Assessment™, participants will be assessed on the four key attributes of top performers: Integrity, Accountability, Attitude and Motivation. Participant scores are compared to the team average as well as top performers in the industry.


Utilizing a customized scorecard, participants are assessed based on past performance utilizing all historical data available.

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Classroom Workshops

Throughout the Classroom Workshop, participants will be applying selling strategies to key target opportunities that they have selected in advance of the class. Outcomes of these workshops include:

  • Creation of an opportunity plan or territory plan
  • Assessment of buying roles
  • Greater understanding of customer’s business
  • Competitive analysis
  • Better preparation and planning
  • Creation of territory plan (if applicable)
  • Better listener
  • More effective “networker”
  • Penetrating new accounts (or new contacts at existing accounts)
  • Delivering compelling, persuasive presentations
  • More sound account strategies
  • Greater self-awareness
  • A plan to address skill gaps
  • Alignment of personal values with career
  • High level goals established
  • Activity-based goals established

Diamond Performance Workshops include extensive skill practice and role play.

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Coaching is a critical aspect of successfully deploying any development initiative. Diamond Performance Solutions will work with you to determine the most effective strategy for reinforcing the training through coaching.

Typical elements of coaching include:

  • Field Coaching – Intensive one-on-one coaching out in the field—where it really matters. Aspects of field coaching include Attributes of Top Performers as well as live account selling situations.
  • Coach-the-Coach – Coach-the-Coach features everything you see above in Field Coaching, only in this case, the coaching is applied to sales leaders.
  • The Diamond Coach™ Workshop – A workshop designed to equip the sales leader with the tools to not only coach all aspects of selling, but to also play a role in impacting the complete development of the individual into a top performer.

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