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Scott-A.-AndersonScott Anderson is a founding principal at Diamond Performance Solutions. He is co-author of the book Reignite – How to Rekindle Your Passion for Selling. Scott spent his entire career—more than 25 years—selling, managing salespeople, and providing sales consulting, training and coaching to some of the biggest and best sales organizations in the world. He has worked with leading organizations including 3M, IBM, Cargill, UnitedHealth Group, Carlson Companies, Andersen Windows, Wells Fargo and The Hartford. He is a signature contributor to the Huffington Post and has authored numerous articles on sales effectiveness. He resides in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul.

Popular Keynote Presentations:

“The Right Stuff” – The DNA of Top Performing Organizations

Target Audience: General

Today’s executive knows that the key to protecting and growing customer relationships is having the right people in place. An employee who is ineffective or incompetent can cost your organization considerable dollars in lost revenue, lost accounts and reputation. Yet, for many organizations, they have not identified the key attributes that drive organizational success.

This session will focus on how to ensure you have the right people and that they are armed with the right attributes skills, tools, and processes to do the job.

The DNA of Top Sales Performer’s – Having enough of the Right Attributes to be Successful

Target Audience: Sales Leadership and Sales Teams

So much time is put into rolling out tools to assist a sales representative and account managers in being more effective with customers. Up until now, very little time was put into understanding the behaviors and attributes that really make some representatives more effective and productive, and thereby produce better business results than others. This session will dissect the attributes that pay a pivotal role in being proactive and productive in their jobs and provide participants with specific areas of development that can drive true behavior change and higher levels of effectiveness.  Case studies along with support tools will be utilized to help attendees apply the strategies to their respective environment.

Selling To Senior Level Management – “How to Effectively Position Your Value”

Target Audience: Sales Leadership and Sales Teams

The current business environment is making it more difficult for the average salesperson to effectively position the value of their products or services. Customers are becoming much more sophisticated in setting up purchasing processes thus commoditizing even the most sophisticated products or services.

This session will focus on how to ensure the representative focuses on the “right” opportunity, strategy and tactics to differentiate your products even in the most competitive environment.  We will help the participant:

  • Quickly understanding a customer’s business and leveraging it to your advantage
  • Diagnosing what you need to know to win the business
  • Learning how to build a network of coaches who can help you win
  • Delivering “customer focused” presentations

The Role in Leadership in Employee Engagement and Performance

Target Audience: Leadership

Organizations such as Gallup and Modern Survey are providing crucial information to companies on how engaged their employee base is at a given moment in time. This engagement directly correlates to an employee’s productivity, effectiveness and overall contribution to the company. In this session, we focus on creating a culture of accountability while addressing one’s attitude and helping motivate employees to succeed

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