Large Account Selling™

Today’s strategic account salesperson may be wrestling with some of the following challenges:

  • Commoditization – Of many products and services traditionally viewed as value-oriented.
  • Increased complexity – More complex buying processes which cloud the differences from one vendor to the next.
  • Emphasis on price versus value – Due to the inability to differentiate, customers end up making more price-based decisions.
  • Accessing executive-level decision-makers – Inability to gain access to c-level executives who have ultimate veto power over the decision.

Attack these strategic selling issues head on with Large Account Selling™. Large Account Selling™ is a competency-based approach to developing the key skills required of today’s strategic account executive, including:

  • Latest methods for researching target accounts.
  • Better understanding of how large corporations make decisions.
  • Identification of key decision roles.
  • Importance of account-level strategic planning.
  • Conducting effective customer-meetings.
  • Maintaining access to senior-level decision-makers.
  • Getting credit for the value you are delivering in the relationship.