Break-Thru Selling™

Today’s territory seller may be working to overcome the following obstacles:

  • Finding new business – Locating the accounts that will eventually turn into new business.
  • Qualification – Once the accounts have been located, being able to effectively and efficiently qualify the opportunity.
  • Competition – Dealing with a number of competitors who present what appear to be the same features and benefits.
  • Commoditization – Because you and your competitor appear to have the same features and benefits, one’s products or services become commoditized.
  • Skeptical buyers – Who are unfortunately skeptical because they’ve “heard it all before” from sales people in the past. And now, they’ve developed a “Detractor” mentality when it comes to granting access to the key decision maker.

Break-Thru Selling™ is a powerful tool for overcoming the obstacles mentioned above. Break-Thru Selling™ provides a framework for how to sell consultatively in a condensed and less complex cycle, including:

  • Development of a Territory Business Plan.
  • Efficient and effective tools for researching target customers and target industries.
  • Pre-call preparation.
  • Understanding customer needs and requirements.
  • Positioning the value of your solution given your understanding of the customer’s needs.
  • Overcoming objections and asking for the business.